Our dedicated baker rises soon after the clock strikes midnight, to mix, knead, shape, and bake a variety of breads, rolls, cookies, scones, sweet rolls, and more! She follows recipes from my own home kitchen! We use the basics...unbleached flour, fresh ground whole wheat flour, REAL butter (we will NEVER use margarine! I was fortunate enough to be raised on a Kansas dairy farm, and if one thing left an impression on me, it was REAL butter! Nothing compares!) We recommend that you spread your fresh bread (warm up your slice of bread or dinner roll first!)  with REAL butter for the ultimate Homestead bread experience! Warning: You may never purchase bread from the grocery store again!

 Our pie fillings and pie crusts are all made just like Mom's! Yep! From scratch!

Our cookie dough is...well...good enough to eat by itself!...but even better fresh-baked from the oven!

Our secret? We don't over-bake our cookies! We love a soft, chewy cookie!

Scones...mmmmmm! You will never meet another scone like Homesteads! 'I don't care for scones...they are dry' is a common judgment that we hear. 'Well, try HOMESTEAD'S scone' is our reply! We can almost guarantee that you'll be back tomorrow for another scone!

The Bakery